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The Story of Poole & Pheasant


Poole & Pheasant was established is May 2020 with the mindset to provide clothing and accessories which are made for all walks of life.

I am Caitlin Poole the owner and Founder of Poole & Pheasant, I run P&P alongside my full time job as a yard manager and having my 2 horses.

The name came about as Poole is my last name and I have a ongoing running joke with family and friends about our luck with pheasants, or not much luck as the case maybe. My previous childhood business had a pheasant logo so I wanted to bring the two together.

The purpose of starting P&P was to create a business which could provide clothing and accessories for everyone and items which were affordable enough to have a multi use purpose. I could never find items that could do all, either they were my 'normal' wardrobe pieces and too nice for the yard or they were my yard items! Working full time on a yard and also being someone who loves fashion and going out, I wanted to design and create pieces which could be completely versatile in all lines of work and day to day life. I wanted something I could finish work in and then go out and not feel out of place.


Knowing how expensive the equestrian and country clothing industry is, I wanted to create pieces which were at a fair price point which individuals wouldn't mind wearing and getting dirty, but also knowing they could wear good quality items that do the job and would wash up well to reuse them for a day out, to the gym, chilling at home or finishing work and meeting at the pub with friends, without feeling out of place and as though they are in 'horsey' or 'work' items.

Poole & Pheasant pieces have been created with all in mind, meaning all our pieces are unisex and can be worn by all body types and people.


I hope you love the Poole & Pheasant pieces as much as I do.

Caitlin x